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Company Overview

Ryder Studios is an American apparel street wear and pop-culture brand based out of Atlanta Georgia, established in 2018.[1]

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The brand itself is based on designs and stylizations that are unique to its founder, Jebidiyah Ryder. Ryder Studios is a brand name that combines a blend of street wear with underground design, creating an avant-garde style of apparel that is unique to the stylization of Jebidiyah.

The distinctive features of this apparel namely include the bold colors and stand-out designs that are used to make normal apparel more unique and individual. These include the teeth and mouth on many of the sweaters and hoodies, as well as the horns that are on almost every apparel item. These design features give Ryder Studios its stand-out and unique design.

It is primarily targeted to fashion-forward people who have an interest in street wear and avant-garde apparel. Many people within Ryder Studio’s target market include fashion influencers on social media, as well as up-and-coming rap artists in the United States.

If is often branded as limited-edition apparel, with product drops taking place on a semi-regular basis, and products only being available during this limited time frame. However, Ryder Studios does in fact have an archive for people to shop from.

Ryder Studios releases its products via its website, based in Atlanta Georgia, and ships to locations throughout North America and other international locations such as the UK and Western Europe.


The brand was founded by Jebidiyah Ryder, in 2018. At the time of its inception, Ryder Studios sold products via direct messages on Twitter, and other social media platforms. At this time, this was in lieu of a website or any physical store location. The first pieces of clothing, including the Hoodstar Hats, and the V1 Hoodies were design as a type of street apparel with a individualized stylization. Although Jebidiyah Ryder believed that the mouth and tongue were the unique selling feature for the first lines of clothing, many people found the horns on the clothing to be the key selling feature.

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Prior to the establishment of Ryder Studios, Jebidiyah Ryder designed and sold clothing out of an apartment that he lived in at the time. The first designs of the clothing were simply goodwill clothing including tee shirts, hoodies and pants with vinyl prints on them. This gave the early iterations of the brand and started to create the unique underground and pop-culture style of the clothing.

The brand itself was started by Jebidiyah Ryder because of his passion for design and creating things. In recent interviews, he was quoted in saying that he was “obsessed with making something that would make an impact”, and this is one of the main motivations for the creation of the brand. Jebidiyah’s own experiences in industrial design, modeling, graphic design, and involvement in pop-culture and street fashion communities are the major motivations for the creation and stylization of the brand.

However, 2018 marked the official release of the brand. At the time of its release, the first product drop included the release of the Hoodstar hats and the V1 hoodies, of course featuring the iconic teeth and horns. Using social media as the main platform to market and sell products, Ryder Studios was able to completely sell out in its first drop.

The brand continued to grow with the addition of more products throughout 2019 and 2020. During this time, products were purchased and given to notable influencers on social media such as fashion influencers and rap artists. This gave the brand immense traction as it continued to grow, selling out each time limited drops were added to the store.

In early 2020, the website for Ryder Studios went live, providing a brand-new channel for the brand to use to reach customers all around the world. The website provides an online store, where limited-time product drops are hosted. Previous drops are found in the archives section of the website, where people can browse previously sold products and designs.[2]

In 2020, the brand gained notable attention teaming up with various fashion influencers and up-and-coming rap artists. Jebidiyah Ryder connected with many of these people to model and promote the apparel, which helped the brand become even more internationally recognized. In mid-2020, Jebidiyah Ryder appeared in his first interview on YouTube channel Hip-Hop Mike. This further increased the awareness of the brand.[3]

Until present, Ryder Studios has continued to design more products, and host product releases on the website that sell to countries all around the world.


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The main products that are offered by Ryder Studios include its hats and hoodies. Ryder Studios has two types of hats—the Horned Fitted Cap, and the Hoodstar Hat. Both of these hats are offered in solid colors with embroidered logos on the front. The logo of the Hoodstar hat is a capital H with a star attached to the bottom right corner of the letter. The fitted caps adorn logos of popular sports teams. Both types of hats have horns on them, making them recognizable as a Ryder Studios apparel item.

Ryder Studios has several types of hoodies, including: Monster Hoodie V1 in black, red and yellow; the Demon Hoodie in red and black; the Monster V2 and Monster V3 in black; the Bat Wing Full Zip in black; re-releases of the all three versions of the monster hoodie in all black. The Ryder Studio hoodies all have a variety of horns and mouths attached to them, making them recognizable as Ryder Studio apparel.[2]

Ryder Studios also offered several other types of products, including tee shirts, jackets, balaclavas, duffle bags, jeans, and backpacks. These products have been made in large quantities for store drops, as well as in limited quantities or even single quantities.

Specialty products like the “stuffed animal pants”, or even Lego-based clothing and shoes have been develop by Jebidiyah Ryder as promotional and one-time sale items.[4]

All products designed, developed, and sold by Ryder Studios are unique to the brand, and provide a new avant-garde approach to pop-culture, street-apparel, and everyday apparel.


Ryder Studios does not have a physical flagship store or location. Rather, it operates all sales and marketing operations via the website and social media platforms, mainly including Twitter and Instagram.

The company was founded, and all physical presence of the company is located in Atlanta Georgia. However, the large online presence of the brand gives it more international reach.


The largest marketing channel used by Ryder Studios is social media, including Instagram and Twitter. Twitter (@ryderstudios_) is the smaller of the two channels, with just over 3,600 followers as of February 2021.[5]

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Ryder Studios has a much larger following on Instagram, because of the visual nature of the products. As of February 2021, @ryderstudios has over 35,00 followers.[6]

These two platforms display the products that are in the store, as well as promotional products that are created for the brand.

One of the greatest styles of marketing that is used by Ryder Studios is partnerships with social media influencers. Rap artists and fashion influencers, as well as some viral videos on Instagram, are tools that are often used by Ryder Studios to increase support and awareness for the brand and its products.

Many of the influencers that Ryder Studios partners with have close-to, if not more than, 100,000 followers. This means that the products are seen by much larger audiences through these partnerships and influencer posts.

Ryder Studios also markets through many product reviews and influencer channels on YouTube. Various channels on YouTube with at least over 1,000 subscribers and views have provided extensive product reviews and unboxing videos of Ryder Studios product. This is a key marketing channel for Ryder Studios.

Sales Channels

Ryder Studios provides both national and worldwide sales and shipping on all products. Much of the business is located in the United States. However, Ryder Studios has also established effective sales channels in the United Kingdom, growing its international awareness and fan base.


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Ryder Studios works with many different collaborators on social media platforms. Ryder Studios has worked with several notable influencers and rap artists on social media. These collaborations have just focused on promoting products, and having product promotions reach larger audiences.

Global Popularity

Although it is still a relatively new brand, Ryder Studios is growing significantly in popularity across the United States, and around the world. With its iconic designs, it is fast becoming a globally-recognized brand of apparel.


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