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Jebidiyah Ryder (born, in 1997 as Alex) is an American apparel and fashion designer, artist, and creator. He is the founder and sole owner of Ryder Studios, a pop-culture and streetwear brand based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Since launching his business in 2018, he has become a well-known figure in the realm of streetwear and avant-garde fashion design and branding. Through the creation of this apparel brand, Ryder has created a unique identity in the fashion industry, and a globally-recognizable brand.

He is best known for creating a recognizable fashion brand that includes hats, hoodies, and other apparel items and accessories that adorn horns and mouths. He is also widely known for his unique fashion designs using Lego, (fake) teeth, and modeling sets. His “obsession with creating something that would make an impact” has led him to create some of the most recognizable and unique streetwear brands.

Personal Life and Education[1]

Ryder was born in 1997, and grew up in Columbia, South Carolina. During his upbringing, Ryder was natural creative and artistic, and grew up with values of hard work and creating his own path in life. He attended middle school and high school in South Carolina where he was known for getting in trouble with the teachers.

While still in South Carolina, Ryder attended Midlands technical college (a community college in Columbia), and was enrolled in an industrial design degree. Although he did not complete this degree due to dropping out a few years into the degree, he used his experience here to apply his knowledge and skills in design and creating things.

His education and exposure to people with similar goals in his early life and other creative individuals led Ryder to be able to apply himself in creative fields.

Soon after school, Ryder made the move to pursue and internship with a modeling agency. However, the agents said that he had “too many tattoos”, so it was difficult at the time to become fully engaged in this part of his career. However, during his time as a modeling internship, he moved to Atlanta Georgia and worked in various kitchens making ends meet, and also was doing graphic design on the side.

After some time with the modeling agency, he was let go. At this time, Ryder was couch surfing, looking for ways to make ends meet. However, this was the same time that Ryder was starting to design and create clothing by buying bland pieces of clothing at goodwill stores, and ironing vinyl prints on them while sleeping on the couch at a friend’s house. During this time, he started to gain a reputation to be able to create unique, underground fashion designs and apparel pieces.

Jebidiyah is regarded by most who meet him to be a dedicated and hardworking. He has learned through his life and career to embrace struggle to push himself forward, and has been quoted saying that “I know I have the mentality that I can't die until I create something big enough that will still be here until after I die". He has set large ambitions for himself throughout his career, and has built one of the fastest growing streetwear brands on the market today.


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Jebidiyah Ryder has had many stages of his career that have stemmed from his life experiences. Starting with selling handmade fashion to creating one of the fastest growing street apparel brands, he has had a tremendous career experience in a short time.


Early on in his career, Jebidiyah’s original career goal was to own his own design firm. This would not be a niche design firm focusing just on graphics, apparel, or industrial design. Rather, it would be a multi-faceted and large design firm. Ryder would be at the top of the company, handling client interactions and growing the business. Under him would be various design specialists who could provide whatever sort of designs that clients needed.

However, early into his career, Jebidiyah realized this would not be a feasible goal given where he was at, and what was available to him. So, he kept this goal in the back of his mind, but set smaller—more attainable—goals. This included focusing on graphics design and fashion design, as he aspired to reach the likes of brands and icons like Marc Jacobs and Jeremy Scott.

Nevertheless, these aspirations would help guide Ryder’s career through good and bad times, allowing him to overcome tremendous adversity throughout his career.

Early Career

Jebidiyah’s early career started before he moved to Atlanta. He first worked in his internship with a modeling agency, and moved to Atlanta part way through this endeavor, whilst working in kitchens and performing graphic design. After being let go by the agency, he spent time couch surfing in Atlanta, which was the time that he was started to buy clothes at goodwill and (with the help of a friend whose couch he was sleeping on) design graphics to make vinyl prints that could be printed on the clothing.

By messaging and contacting people through direct messaging on Twitter, he was able to start to sell these fashion pieces, and start an early career in fashion and apparel design. It was around this time also that Ryder was able to get free rent working for his agent.

During this time in his early career, Ryder has stated that he would often wake up at 8 A.M. to work in kitchens, then work most evenings until 10 P.M. for his agent, and then work until 3-to-4 A.M. on building his brand. He spent the early years of his career, before being let go by the modeling agency, laying the foundations of Ryder Studios. However, after being let go he was able to really put effort into clothing design, and put time into creating Ryder Studios.

It was this determination, effort, and hard work early on in his career that allowed Ryder to overcome adversity, and build a brand that has grown to the globally recognized entity it is today. Much of his early career prior to the growth of Ryder Studios can be characterized by Ryder’s relentless hard work and determination to find success by any means.

Ryder Studios

Following his early career, Ryder Studios was created in 2018. He focused many of the first years of operations to create memorable designs and to create a brand that people would recognize, and that would stand out.

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In the first years, Ryder Studios started by providing weekly product drops, as this was the only source of income for him. He would design and make apparel that stood out from the rest of the industry, and he would sell things that meant something to him, and that people valued.

His way of leveraging fashion, pop-culture and underground communities allowed Ryder to create an immense consumer base very early on into his career with Ryder Studios. Working with rap artists, fashion designers, models, and other pop-culture influencers, Ryder saw his career start to take off.

Throughout the first 2 years of operating Ryder Studios, the brand grew exponentially. Gaining international fame, Ryder gained inspiration from many different areas in life. He took influence from TV shows and pop culture, as well as modeling culture, and cowboys. Together, these influences (and his experience and education) created the brand that people know today.

Despite the immense growth of the company and the brand, Ryder remains humble about his success. In 2020 he was quoted calling his success a “coincidence”, and discusses in interviews that his success, and the success of Ryder Studios is a matter of hard work, dedication, doing things the right way, and being genuine to who you are.

In early 2020, Jebidiyah was able to host a Ryder Studio website, so Ryder Studio was no longer marketed and sold via DMs on Twitter and Instagram. The online store allows for Ryder Studio to gain international attention, and reach global markets—while still hosting limited-time-only product drops that continue to sell out in mere minutes of being released.

The growth of Ryder Studios has marked a significant point in Jebidiyah’s career, but it certainly is not the end of the growth of his career. Ryder Studios is a hallmark brand that serves as a key benchmark in Jebidiyah’s career and growth.

Growth & Goals

In interviews and on social media, Jebidiyah has continuously focused on being genuine to himself, putting in hard work in every aspect of his business, being hands-on with his business, and respecting others. This has allowed him to position himself and his brand for tremendous growth in the future.

Ryder Studios is regarded as one of the fastest growing streetwear and underground apparel brands on the market today. It has an unmistakably unique message and branding that sets it apart from every other brand on the market.[2]

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Despite the growth that Ryder Studios has seen, Jebidiyah still holds large goals. He has understood that he needs to transform his future goals into something that he can achieve today, to make steps towards large goals in the future.

Expansion in the future for Jebidiyah Ryder is not just graphic design or fashion design. He sees himself in the future becoming an identity in the design and fashion industry, and a true creator in the design field in general. He is focusing on growing in many different areas of design so that his name is well known in the field. In the future, he wants to focus on fashion and design as art and be more than just a brand owner. He aims to use impulsive inspirations and take ideas from his surroundings to be an icon in design.

His goals in the future are to become similar to Jeremy Scott or Marc Jacobs and be a truly globally recognized name in design and fashion.

Jebidiyah is looking to expand just outside of streetwear and underground fashion like what is presented by Ryder Studios. He sees himself expanding into more fashion forward streetwear, everyday apparel, and discotic apparel.

Nevertheless, Jebidiyah holds large goals for himself to achieve, to expand the growth of Ryder Studios, and to continuously improve and expand his career.

Social media presence

Jebidiyah Ryder has several social media accounts that are linked to his persona and brands. He has personal accounts on both Twitter and Instagram. On Instagram[3], @jebidiyahryder has over 23,000 followers; and, over 8,600 on Twitter.[4]

The company, @ryderstudios has over 35,000 followers on Instagram[5], and @ryderstudios_ has over 3,600 followers on Twitter.[6]

Aside from these personally owned accounts, Jebidiyah’s presence is also known from interviews hosted on websites such as Burbsent, and information pages posted on Culness. Jebidiyah and his brand are also mentioned on YouTube, with many up-and-coming YouTube channels posting product reviews of Ryder Studios products.

Notable Appearances and mentions

Jebidiyah has been subject to several interviews on the internet. Most notable of these is a YouTube interview with Hip-Hop Mike. This interview discusses Jebidiyah’s early career and life before Ryder Studios, as well as the growth and future of the company.

Other websites like Burbsent and Culness have hosted interviews on their sites, providing greater insight into the early life, career, and growth of Jebidiyah and Ryder Studios.

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